About Us

Innovate Logistics is a tech company that has created an App for mobile devices (iOS and Android) that utilizes technology and smart partnerships to disrupt and remove the inefficiency in the logistic sector.

The inefficiency is that most logistic shipments are not at capacity, especially on return trips; making it hard for small to medium companies to manage themselves efficiently and grow in a competitive industry.

This App will allow for service providers (transport) and customers (user) to join a platform to do business.

Customers will be able to submit nationwide shipment requests on the app or web, and later receive multiple quotes from various service providers. This ensures competitive pricing from service providers, and competitive prices for the customer to choose from; creating a win-win scenario for all.

Innovate Logistics has also partnered with ‘I-Pay’, one of South Africa’s leading payment portals – allowing for payments to be done on the app and web; ensuring safe and instantaneous payments.

The Innovate Logistic App also allows for real time data to be sent to the customer. Once a shipment request has been confirmed, customers will receive notifications from the service provider in real time, notifying them of different stages in the order process (Booked, Dispatched, Collected, Delivered). Users will also able to track their shipments on the Map screen and see a real time view of the shipment location. Customer and service provider may also chat during this process via the chat feature. Once a shipment has been marked as delivered from the service provider, customers can verify and rate the shipment, allowing for a 2-way verification process; marking the close of a shipment order.

Innovate Logistics has also integrated dashboard features (MI & KPIs) for service providers allowing for an in depth overview of all orders, which would be beneficial in managing business transactions more effectively and efficiently.

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